Dreamed I was a fireman

the work travel agent is a wonder. it's going to cost me $79.50 to get from oakland to burbank to see the nordic goddess, and this, this one small fact, absolutely makes my day. possibly my week. I have seen her once in the past five years: one 24 hour period with her and jenny henny and the three of us bonding and discussing, answering questions, making lists. this time I get three entire days in los angeles. I want to see it, this time, I want to see flowers and luxury and the place that francesca lia block writes about. and I want to meet her boys and her southern roommate and her L. who I want to quiz about farawy places. I want her aristocratic cat giving me disdainful looks, even. and sunshine and flash gordon and so incredibly much laughter.

I talked to a nice boy from upstairs last night at this work-drinks-thing, a nice fellow from a small town in oklahoma. he told me he likes LA. we talked about returning home to small towns post-september-11th and the frustration and weirdness of being the point person for all the small-town questions about being here. he had floppy hair and a nice smile and I thought, if he wasn't the boyfriend of the girl in the office next to mine (I have pieced this together from various bits of information, and from her yelling questions at him every so often as he and I sat talking in a corner) then I might find more reasons to talk to him.

but I won't.

back to work. quick poll, though: to change my layout, or not?

ood Places To Find Affordable Artwork

No home, office, or business is truly complete with its interior decorating until it has some artwork hanging on the walls. Whether or not you want a piece on every wall of every room or are just looking for an accent piece to hang above the couch to draw the attention of the entire room, you have to go out and buy pieces to hang. Of course, while browsing artwork can be fun, and deciding on the right piece can be a struggle of the mind and heart, you do not want to break the bank in the process.

If you have the financial resources and economic prowess to buy premium pieces directly from high class galleries, then by all means do what makes you happy. However, most people looking for multiple pieces of art are not serious collectors and want to do things on a budget, so while visiting a gallery might be fun, it is not financially prudent.

On the other hand, going online and looking for art does make a lot of sense. Many retailers offer original artwork for sale, although truth be told, you can hang artwork that is still pretty but far cheaper when you go for reproductions or prints.

On a local level, a great thing to do is to check out yard sales and garage sales. There are often pieces of artwork that someone got tired of and put away in storage and has now decided to get rid of. Second hand or used consumer goods stores often have such pieces as well. It is even possible to uncover artwork at estate sales and auctions of storage units, although the artwork at estate sales is going to be of better quality and show up more frequently.

If you really want to go the extra mile and look for something local or original, check out local art supply stores. They are not likely to have artwork on sale, although they might, but their employees will undoubtedly know many aspiring artists, and they might even have a bulletin board full of fliers and business cards of local artists who have artwork they are looking to sell or could even create for you if you give them a call.

Older homes did not hang that much art, but back then people worked so much that they did not create that much artwork. The modern market has changed beautifully, in a very literal sense of the word.