They give you dum-dums with the check

a short list of things that happened today:

1. whale rider made me cry, except it didn't really because whenever I see movies that make me want to cry with my dad, I think of when I was younger and toy soldiers made me cry and he patted my arm in this really annoying dadlike way and thus I refuse to cry at movies with him. this is the tippy tip of a small tirade about my dad but it's so not worth getting into; for the most part, we get along a million times better than we used to. point is, I loved the movie and I want to rent it someday and cry like the lady in front of us in the theater was.

2. chris got hit in the back of the head with either a rock or a piece of brick.

3. ben got threatened by some fuckwit who seemed likely to crack him in the face with a skateboard.

4. I got pushed down the sidewalk by some crazy blonde girl.

5. I went to my first night club.

no points for guessing which of these happenings occured when we went to burnside to watch the skaters. there could be a tirade here, easily, but I'm tired and I would rather think about later at dot's, listening more than participating in long conversations and then having tangential yet related discussions with spasticboy and then listening again and just being glad I was there.

details to come. no, seriously. though probably not tomorrow. I have to get up, drive back to eugene, go to work, and then find pippin, probably for pinball and drinking, except that at some point I should probably go home, because tuesday I'm coming back up here for trail of dead. who are playing at a venue that is both strip club and rock show venue. who knew?